What is Biyo packaging?

Our innovative Home Compostable Monoweb material provides sustainable packaging solutions that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than conventional fossil fuel based equivalents. With its exceptional heat-seal properties, it performs effortlessly on practically most packing lines, simplifying your operations and most importantly, promotes composting at home.

  • Green Home Compostable
    Home Compostable
    Our material is certified as home compostable.
  • Red Worm Friendly
    Worm Friendly
    Making it suitable for worry-free home composting.
  • Green Machine Friendly
    Machine Friendly
    Biyo is suitable for a wide range of applications and requiring minimal machine adjustments.
  • Red Heat Sealable
    Heat Sealable
    Biyo has a wide operating window meaning minimal line adjustments
  • Green Bags
    Suitable for
    Pre-made Bags,
    Vertical Form Fill and Seal

What can Biyo be used for?

Unlike traditional plastic packaging that can take hundreds of years to degrade, compostable packaging is intended to reduce the environmental impact and waste by returning to the soil as organic matter aided by fungi, bacteria and enzymes.

Biyo is therefore ideal for fresh produce applications such as salads, vegetables and fruits as well as other common household packaging.

Green Salad
Salads & Herbs
Red Vegetables
Green Fruits
Red Frozen Foods
Frozen Foods
Green Ice Cream
Ice Creams
Red Baked Foods
Green Magazine
Red Furnishings
Home Textiles

Adaptable, Compostable & Certified

A reliable and environmentally conscious packaging solution.

Our revolutionary mono material film is home compostable, making it a much more viable and environmentally friendly choice for Australian consumers. With a culture that embraces home composting, our solution aligns perfectly with the Australian mindset.

Biyo is ideal for fresh produce applications including salads, vegetables and fruits owing to its excellent properties and home compostability.

Biyo has been certified by:

  • OK Compostable Logo
  • Home Compostable Logo
  • DIN Certo Certificate

Working towards a sustainable future

At Roberts Mart, we understand the evolving landscape of plastics and the growing need for sustainable alternatives.

That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to developing a range of solutions and alternative options that embrace the principles of a circular economy. Our innovative products are designed to address the current sustainability challenges, offering compostable and recyclable options that contribute to a more eco-friendly future.

All our materials are manufactured in the UK by Roberts Mart, a family-owned and managed flexible packaging producer who have been extruding, printing and converting innovative packaging solutions for household brands for over 170 years.

Useful Downloads

We’re proud of Biyo and how it’s certified by numerous organisations. You can find details of this on the downloads below.

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